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Digital Rotator Controller

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Digital Rotator Controller

DRC-3 Digital Rotator Controller

A completely new design of DRC that allows you to control your 3501 or 3503 rotator from anywhere you have an internet connection.

The new system incorporates a DC drive motor and ramping feature that reduces wear on the rotator and allows for faster rotation of the antenna.

The system is field upgradable with existing 3501 and 3503 rotators so you are able to update the controls without changing the entire rotator.

  • 360 degree continuous rotation in either direction on both rotators.
  • Manual Mode turns CCW or CW via buttons at the base of the antenna.
  • Remote Control turns to a heading, or to one of many pre-selected locations.
  • Headings are automatically calculated if needed by ...
Digital Rotator Control 4

DRC-4 Digital Rotator Controller

The DRC-4 is a table top controller that features the latest PIC microprocessor technology that yields a truly unique and flexible product. High quality components are used throughout, including the heavy duty transformer. Coupled with the sealed solid state absolute encoder, you are ensured years of reliable accurate service from your system.

The DRC-4 can be used as a standalone unit or with a PC and the supplied custom Server/Client software. This software is the same as that used in our Heavy Duty Rotators. It can be controlled locally, or with an internet connection, can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

  • 360 degree continuous rotation in either direction (on continuous model).
  • Remote ...
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