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Tower Systems and Accessories

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Model 3002 Dual Tower System

Model T-3002 RLPA Tower System

The Model T-3002 tower and rotator system is the ultimate support for large HF log periodic antennas. The T-3002 is specifically designed to support the USAP antennas Models LP-l00l, LP-1002 or the LP-1005.

The Dual Tower guyed system consists of two 80 foot steel knockdown support towers and a base rotator supported on pivotal yokes between the towers. This system can be tilted down for ground level maintenance of the antenna. A Self Support tower is available. This option eliminates the guy wires, but precludes the option of lowering the antenna without a crane. Both systems have a 100 (or 80) foot rotating mast with a 1-5/8 inch pressurized feedline installed inside, a 25 kW rotary joint and all accessories and ...
Self Supporting Steel Towers (T-3430, T-3424, T-3418)

Self Supporting Steel Towers (T-3430, T-3424, T-3418)

Self support tower designed for use with LP-1017CA Antenna and 3501 Rotator system

Available in 100, 80 and 60 foot heights (30.48 m, 24.38 m and 18.29 m)

All sections are 20 feet (6.1 m)

Top two sections are straight for all heights

Tower is constructed of galvanized steel

Knock down style to facilitate shipment

Designed for 90 mph (145km/h) wind speed with 0.5” (1.27cm) radial ice

Design per EIA-222-F

All welding conforms to AWS

Includes step bolts for climbing

Grounding and anchor bolts included
Tower Systems and Accessories

Tower System Accessories

We have a number of accessories that compliment our 3002 series of towers.
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